Wellness Therapies

“Enjoy Therapy Enrich Health”

Herbal face pack

Nature‘s richness packed to enhance complexion, rids blemishes, acne, discoloration and also helps tone up youthful skin. These handpicked herbs have only goodness no chemicals and beauty promoting therapy administered by trained experts.
Enjoy them and benefit immensely.
Duration: ½ hour

The Relax Package

Flow of soothing milk enriched with nature’s gift over the forehead along with relaxing full body massage with steam bath which refreshes and energizes your body – makes it fresh and new.
Duration: 1 ½ hours

Energizing Therapy

Enjoy the full body oil massage with energizing milk stream over the whole body. This medicated milk bath not only improves skin texture, complexion, but also gives u good amount of energy and enthusiasm, improves circulation and makes you feel better.
Duration: 1 ½ hours

Stress Buster

Combination of flow of medicated oil over forehead along with refreshing foot massage helps to relieve you from all your stress and tension and relaxes your mind and gives u good sleep.
Duration: 1hour

Pain Relief

Daily workload tires your body. Without your knowledge backache, shoulder ache etc. develop gradually leading to hampering of your quality work. Here’s a quick soothing remedy gifted by the Nature. Full body relaxing synchronizing massage with sudation by hand picked leaves specifically to relieve pain.
Duration: 1 ½ hours

Rejuvenating Massage

This is a massage to recoup your body from wearing out – An Age old remedy to maintain good health and prevent oldage problems. It includes Synchronizing full body massage with refreshing steam bath which improves circulation, complexion and also removes unwanted toxins from our body.
Duration: 1hour

Soothing Massage

Combination of Head and Foot massage which gives you the ultimate relaxation, of your mind and body, brings about the new energy and enthusiasm and makes you feel fresh and new.
Duration: 1hour

Stress Relief

Simple remedy for the never ending stress which includes flow of medicated decoction over forehead along with relaxing foot massage refreshes you within no time at all.
Duration: 1hour

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