Be Aware Regarding Incompatible Food and Beverages

Modern life style concentrates regarding healthy, clean and nutritive food and beverages. Everybody is in need of Balanced diet. Good and nutritious food may also cause ill health if taken along with incompatible food stuffs which may be even a very healthy food or a combined dish. So, everybody should be careful regarding incompatible food stuffs. Some such foods may produce instant adverse reactions, and some other may exhibit the symptoms in due course of time. Or else, in long run, it may lead into structural and functional variation in the body. The immunity system may also affect body by such food practices.

The incompatible food stuffs explained under Ayurvedic literatures are mentioned here below,
1. Milk and fish (especially prawn).
2. Sour substances and milk
3. Raddish and milk
4. Flesh of pigeon fried with mustard oil
5. Flesh of fish and pork, fried along with mustard oil
6. Chicken and curd
7. Raddish and soup of blackgram
8. Raddish and butter
9. Spinach along with wine
10. Milk and salt
11. Curd and soup of blackgram
12. Jaggery and honey
13. Curd and buttermilk
14. Banana and curd
15. Equal quantity of honey and ghee
16. Turmeric fried in mustard oil
17. Spinach and sesame paste
18. Fried fish and long pepper
19. Milk and horse gram
20. Jackfruit and milk
Be aware of these Incompatible food stuff so that you can avoid the chances of any Chronic Disorders.