Warm Water Head Bath May Reduce the Eye Sight and Cause Hair Fall

Most of the people prefer to have warm water bath. Majority of the people like with the intention that it is healthy and devoid of pollutants. Secondly, warm water takes away the sweat and replenishes the skin. Also, it helps to relieve the body ache, due to instant effect of sudation.
Ayurvedic classics do specify to have warm water bath in most of the seasons. Whereas it recommends that, warm water is much beneficial to the people of vata-khapaja prakriti and in cold seasons. In case of fever, bathing is contraindicated. If at all patient wishes to have bath, then strictly warm water bath is advised.
Whereas, for head bath, daily or in the gap of 2-3 days, irrespective of the prakriti (individual’s constitution), only cold water bath is recommended for the scalp. The classical literatures like Charaka samhita, Ashtanga hridaya etc., give the caution that if at all warm water head bath is taken, it leads to:
1. Hairfall
2. Premature greyness of hair
3. Decreases the eye sight
4. Reduces the body strength
5. Declines the mental ability and
6. Leads to thinning of hair.
So, the scholars of Ayurveda recommend using only cold water or Luke warm water for head. It will be wise to feel the sense of Ayurveda and adopt accordingly in our practice.